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You raise me up so I can stand on mountains...

Short update. I walked 6 miles today. I’m tired. I have nothing to do until 4:30 when I babysit. –sighs- I wish I had a life sometimes but I don’t care. Sitting in front of a computer all day is pretty fun when you make it that way. I sent Manda and Panda my picture… They think I’m cute, I’m not though. They’re wrong, I’m right. End of discussion. Yeah, I’m going to listen to Josh Groban some more… I can’t wait for his cd to come out.

If you take this I’ll love you forever…

I ______ Sam.
Sam is ______.
Sam needs to ______.
I want to ______ Sam.
When I see Sam, I want to ______.
I ______ think of Sam.
If I was alone with Sam, I would ______.
If I was on a bed with Sam, I would ______.
No Sam, no ______.
Without Sam, I would ______.
The best thing about Sam is ______.
The worst thing about Sam is ______.
I like Sam’s ______.
If I could change anything about Sam, it would be ______.
Sam is sexy because ______.
Sam should ______.
I am ______ with Sam.
I love Sam because ______.
One word to describe Sam is ______
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