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I'm bored. I have to babysit at 11:30 this morning and I won't be home until 4ish. Dammit. Oh well, I need the money. I also need Erica, Pandora, Diane and Erica Manda (i edited, sorry Erica) to hurry the hell up and kidnap me. What is taking you people so long? Gr, get me out of Maine, please! I hate it here. I have nothing to say really because I'm boring. I don't even talk on the phone unless Manda is sending me hot Clyan pics *loves her even more for it* Yeah, I'm in a new rpg with the lovely Clyan love. I'm Ry because well, he just kicks ass but I love teh Clay too. (of course) Anyways, I have nothing to say because I have no life. I think I'm going to go get dressed...maybe. I like being in pajamas too damn much. Oh well, I have to. Yep, pointless entry, just like all the other ones. Much love to my five girls, you seriously need to hurry up and kidnap me dammit.
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